About me

I am Senior Astronomer in the Astronomy Group at ASTRON and I am Professor of Astronomy at the Kapteyn Institute at the University of  Groningen (NL).
Read about my ERC Advanced Grant,  RadioLife, the group working with me, and the papers we have published

My research interests: study of the gas and its role in active galactic nuclei, study of the interaction between the gas and the radio plasma, exploring the life-cycle of radio sources using low frequency observations (LOFAR). study of the gas (and in particular neutral hydrogen @ 21 cm) in the evolution of early-type galaxies.

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In 2014, I received the Honor of “Commendatore della Stella d’Italia(Commander in the Order of the Star of Italy) from the Italian Ambassador in the Netherlands, Francesco Azzarello.

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One night I was, as usual, observing the sky with my telescope. I noticed that a sign was hanging from a galaxy a hundred milion light-years away. On it was written: I SAW YOU.

I. Calvino “Cosmicomics”