About me

I am Senior Astronomer in the Astronomy Group at ASTRON and I am Professor of Astronomy at the Kapteyn Institute at the University of  Groningen (NL).

My research interests:
study of the gas and its role in active galactic nuclei. I look at the interaction between the gas and the radio plasma and exploring the life-cycle of radio sources using low frequency observations (LOFAR) and the combination LOFAR-Apertif.
More in general, I am interested on the role of gas (and in particular neutral hydrogen @ 21 cm and cold molecular gas) in the evolution of early-type galaxies.

Read about my past ERC Advanced Grant,  RadioLife

2014-06-02 19.23.37

In 2014, I received the Honor of “Commendatore della Stella d’Italia(Commander in the Order of the Star of Italy) from the Italian Ambassador in the Netherlands, Francesco Azzarello.

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One night I was, as usual, observing the sky with my telescope. I noticed that a sign was hanging from a galaxy a hundred milion light-years away. On it was written: I SAW YOU.

I. Calvino “Cosmicomics”