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Goal of the project is to understand the life-cycle of radio sources and to connect it to the presence and characteristics of the circumnuclear gas. We trace this gas using different components, in particular using HI (observed in absorption) but also molecular and ionised gas.
We trace the evolutionary stage of the radio sources using the characteristics of their radio spectra. The goal in this case is to derive their duty-cycle and whether it can have influence on the host galaxy.
Finally, we aim at tracing the interplay between radio plasma and the interstellar medium by investigating the presence and kinematic characteristics of the gas in the circumnuclear regions in particular  by studying infalling (feeding) and outflowing (feedback) gas.

  The project covers the following themes:

  • Gas content: HI in the circumnnuclear region of (radio) AGN
  • Interplay between the gas in the circumnnuclear region of (radio) AGN and the nuclear activity: the fuelling (see the study of PKS1718-63 and NGC3998)
  • Interplay between the radio plasma/jet and the gas in the circumnnuclear region of (radio) AGN: study of fast and massive outflows driven by the radio (e.g. IC5063), or by radiation (e.g. Mrk231)
  • The interaction of a low-powerful jet: kinematics of the gas and jet induced star-formation in Centaurus A
  • The life-cycle of radio sources: how to identify dying and restarted radio sources
  • Linking gas content and kinematics to the phase in the evolution of radio galaxies when these outflows occur and in understanding the life-cycle of radio sources.

Publications from the RadioLife project

Some of the recent highlights of RadioLife:

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