RadioLife Telescopes

To reach its goals, the RadioLife project uses many telescope.radiolife_logo_4_grey-white_final
The project uses radio telescopes (LOFAR, WSRT, VLA, ATCA, EVN) and optical telescopes and instruments (Sinfoni@VLT, MUSE@VLT).P1020176a

The main focus  of the group is on using LOFAR (and improve the calibration and imaging) and prepare for Apertif, the Phased-Array-Feed upgrade of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope.



The first results from the Apertif commissioning have been presented at the American Astronomical Society and in a  Press Release.



I am the PI of the Search for HI absorption with APERTIF – SHARP.

I am leading the LOFAR Working Group on Nearby AGN part of the LOFAR Survey Key Science Project.


LOFAR image of the Lockman Hole field at 150MHZ using the High Band Antennas (HBA), published in Mahony et al. 2016