My research interests are: study of the gas and its role in active galactic nuclei, study of the interaction between the gas and the radio plasma, study of the gas (and in particular neutral hydrogen @ 21cm) in the evolution of early-type galaxies, understanding the life-cycle of radio sources using low frequency observations, deep Fields.
My research on HI in early-type and radio galaxies focus on HI observations (WSRT, VLA and ATCA) and, more recently, molecular gas (APEX and soon ALMA). My research on life-cycle of radio sources and weak AGN in deep fields focus mainly on observations with the WSRT and LOFAR.

A brief overview of my main projects:

  • Study of the effects of radio-loud AGN on the surrounding interstellar medium. This has been done through observations of HI. Highlight is the discovery, using the WSRT, of fast (>1000 km/s) HI outflows. This work has recently expanded to the molecular gas (using VLT, APEX and ALMA).
  • Understanding the life-cycle of radio galaxies, what regulates the onset, the switch off and (sometimes) the restarting of their nuclear activity. This work makes mainly use of the LOFAR telescope.
  • Structure of early-type galaxies. This work has been done as part of the Atlas3D project (see ATLAS3D, Cappellari et al. 2011, MNRAS 413,813). I am using these data to study the presence of gas in early- type galaxies and the triggering mechanism(s) of low luminosity AGN.